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A Guide To The Best Beaches in Agadir


There are many beach destinations in Morocco, but Agadir is undisputedly the best of them.

The region of Agadir is blessed with numerous fabulous beaches along its Atlantic coast.

These beaches are of many types and therefore they attract different types of visitors .

Some of the beaches in Agadir are famous for having some of the most known surf spots in Morocco, others are known for their calm and tranquility and others are not really well known.

In this post, I have listed all of the beaches of the region of Agadir.

If you are a beach lover and you are planning to spend plenty of time in Morocco it would be a great idea to explore all of these beautiful beaches.

Agadir beach

Let’s start with the most popular beach in the Agadir region, which is Agadir beach. It lies only 5 min from the center of the city.

It is 10 kilometers long all golden and with a nice view of the famous mountain of Agadir in the background.

This beach is all clean, totally safe 24/7, and accessible from different parts of the city.

In summer it gets overcrowded as it is the closest beach to all parts of the city.

During other times of the year, it’s usually empty and calm even during the weekends.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes in the corniche that goes along the beach. You can enjoy a Berber Tagine or sip a coffee and enjoy the magical view of the ocean.

There are too many places to stay near the beach, some are luxury resorts and others are affordable 4-star hotels.

Some of the most popular activities offered in Agadir beach are surfing, jet skiing, and parasailing.

Agadir beach is a great place to spend a day in the sun, relax and enjoy a swim in the ocean.

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Agadir beach beaches in agadir

Anza beach

A few kilometers north Agadir there is a small town called Anza, it is famous for its fishery factories.

But recently it started to gain some fame among surfers in Morocco.

The big waves in Anza beach are attracting surf lovers from all over the region of Agadir and Morocco.
That helped create some movement in this small town which was only popular among locals a few years ago.

Anza beach is also known by one of the oldest dinosaur footprints in the world, that dates back to 85 million years.

This town is also known for fish food so it would be a nice idea to go to a local restaurant and grab a fish meal.

Anza beach dinosaur footprints

Banana beach

10 kilometers north Agadir, there is this nice small village called Aourir and famously known by the name Banana village.

Everything in this village gives you the impression that you’re somewhere a century ago.

Modest shops, chaotic ambience and old vehicles all over the road.

A few meters from the village lies a 3 km long calm beach known as Banana beach. It is believed that this name was given to this place in the sixties by the American celebrity Jimi Hendrix.

The name of Banana beach was given to Aourir because it is one of the places with the most banana plants in the region, and there are countless stalls that sell bananas in this place.

Banana beach has some of the most popular restaurants in Agadir that offer delicious Berber Tagines.

Families in Agadir make day trips during the weekends to enjoy a delicious Tagine in some of the restaurants that overlook the panoramic view of banana plants next to the beach.

Imourane “Tamraght”

Near Aourir on the way to Taghazout there is a small village built on the hills called Tamraght.

Most of the houses in this village open up to the stunning views of the Atlantic ocean.

This place’s popularity has increased exponentially in recent years. People come to Tamraght not only for the purpose of tourism but also to settle down in this beautiful town.

The beach in this place is known by the name of Imourane, it’s one of the beaches that have always been known for their clear waters and rideable waves in the Agadir region.

Imourane beach has some of the first surf camps in the area, the culture of surfing has been here for a long time.

If you are a surf lover Imourane beach would exceed your expectations.

imourane beach tamraght agadir

Plage 17 "Beach 17"

This is the most popular beach among young people in Agadir. It's called 17 because it is 17 km away from Agadir.

During the weekends and in summer plage 17 gets crowded with young couples and young groups of people.

This beach is long, clean and has a great ambience during summer time.

Plage 17 happens to be in an isolated place, so there aren't any cafes or restaurants near this beach.

But soon this area will no longer be as we know it today. There will soon be luxury resorts, restaurants, and more in this area, because of the Taghazout bay project that aims to expand tourism in this region.

plage 17km agadir beaches

Taghazout beach

What an authentic this place is!

Taghazout is a small village 30 kilometers north of Agadir. With 10k inhabitants and a unique ambiance.

This place has always been a paradise destination for surfers, it is known for mild climate conditions, rideable waves, and its multiple world-famous surf points like Anchor Point, La Source, and H Point.

Taghazout’s popularity increased tremendously in recent years, surfers come from all over the world to spend a day or two and then they end up spending months in Taghazout.

Taghazout is a great place not only for surfing, but also for multiple things, sipping a coffee by the ocean in surf berber cafe, having a berer tagine in WOW restaurant, watching the magical view of the sunset, or you can just go for a walk around the village and explore the simple details of the local life in Taghazout.

You can even visit Taghazout during nighttime, people gather on the beach, make bonfires and play music. Some of the restaurants that overlook the beach play live music. You will get the chance to listen to nice acoustic songs simultaneously with the swell of the ocean.

Taghazout definitely should be in your "to visit" list. You will have enjoyable moments in this place.

taghazout beach agadir


Aghroud beach is one of the beaches where you don’t want to get out of water.

Aghroud beach is mostly calm and empty as it is 35 kilometers far from Agadir.

The nearest places to stay are in either Taghazout or Imi Ouaddar.

Most people come here only a day trip or a half-day trip since there is not much to do besides swimming and sunbathing in Aghroud beach.

Aghroud would be a perfect place if you would like to enjoy swimming in calm and clean waters and away from surfers.

Imi Ouadar

Imi Ouaddar is a calm long beach. It lies only a few meters for the Imi Ouaddar village.

This village is known for its fresh fish meals as there is a small port in town that provides the village with all kinds of fresh fish on a daily basis.

Imi Ouaddar beach is mostly visited by families that want to spend some quality time and enjoy a fish meal in one of the restaurants that overlook the nice view of Imi Ouaddar beach.

It is a bit of a trek to get to Imi Ouaddar beach as it is 35 kilometers away from Agadir, but it is unregretfully worth it.

If you want to spend the night in Imi Ouaddar, there are many flats, and villas at affordable prices near the beach. It would really nice to sleep and wake to the sound of the waves.

Or you can spend the night at Paradis plage the best resort in this area.

imi ouaddar beach agadir


Tiguert is the favorite beach for fishing and scuba diving enthusiasts in Agadir.

They drive all the way from different parts of the Agadir region with their fishing rod to come to this place.

This place has some caves that were naturally formed by the wave action of the Ocean throughout the years.

These caves are now houses with windows and doors for the fishermen.

The locals of Tiguert added a human touch to those natural caves, they now have doors and windows.

The only places available to spend the night in Tiguert beach are these caves. The locals rented them for visitors that come to stay the night in here.


Tamri is small village of about 18k inhabitants, 50km noth Agadir.

Tamri beach gives you the impression that you’re on a beach in the Saraha desert.

It’s one of the points where the Atlantic ocean meets immense sand dunes.

Visiting Tamri would really be an exciting experience, as this place is very different than the rest of the beach in this region.

It would be a similar experience as if you visited one of the beaches in the Dakhla region in the Sahara desert in southern Morocco.

Berber tagine and grilled sardines are the typical meals served for Visitors. Sand dune skiing is the main activity people come to experience Tamri beach.

Tamri is one hour drive through curvy roads from Agadir, but it is really worth a visit.

tamri  beach agadir


Imsouane was just a small unknown village between Agadir and Essaouira, mostly frequented by fishermen until surf enthusiasts discovered this secret paradise and made it worldwide famous.

It was ranked the 27th most beautiful beach in the world by Forbes magazine.

Imsouane is located 82 kilometers north Agadir, with a population of around 9k people.

Imsoaune’s long distance from Agadir and other surf spots makes a paradise for surfers, as not all surfers commit to take the long road to this beach. It’s just a magical uncrowded Surf Zone.

The village has a small traditional port with small blue boats and a fish market where locals bargain daily for the best prices.

This distant secret paradise would be a nice day trip plan, you will have the opportunity to discover the surf culture, enjoy fresh fish meals, and the beautiful view of the sunset in this place is indescribable.

imsouane beach agdir


If you like to explore distant and unknown places, Tifnit will be worth the effort.

This beautiful beach is located 50 km south of Agadir and only a few km from Ait Meloul.

Tifnit was built throughout the years by fishermen, and to this day fishing is still the main activity in this village.

Like many of the coastal villages in the region, Tifnit also has a traditional small port, with plenty of modest fishing boats.

Every morning, locals gather on the seaside in Tifnit, and wait for the fishing boats to bring their daily catch, then haggle over fish prices.

Cuttlefish, monkfish, sea bass, mackerel, sole, and many types of fish are sold here at really affordable prices.

There is also a surfing culture here, as Tifnit has some rideable waves all over the year. But this place is not yet well-known.

Tifnit is one of the best wild beaches in the region of Agadir, you would really enjoy visiting this destination if you are a real lover of solitude and exploration.

tifnit beach agadir
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