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Agadir Nightlife: The Best Nightclubs In Agadir 2022

night clubs in agadir

Update: Due to the pandemic Effects, many of the nightclubs in Agadir went out pf business or still not reopened yet.

If you want to see what the Agadir nightlife is like, this post is for you. I'm listing for you the best night clubs in Agadir where you will find good music, good drinks, and the best party atmosphere.

Since there is not much to do in this city, partying in night clubs in Agadir is one of the most common activities people do in Agadir.

Most hotels in Agadir offer nighttime diversion, they usually bring talented locals to sing traditional songs and perform dance shows to entertain the visitors. But this kind of party will not give you a real idea about how the Agadir nightlife is like.

So if you want to spend a night out and enjoy the Agadir nightlife you should consider to head to one of these places listed below.

NAYA Club Agadir

Address: Royal Mirage Hotel Bd Mohamed V, Agadir Morocco
Call: 0668-225051

Naya Club Agadir was one of the most vibrant clubs in Agadir, now after the pandemic Naya club is moved to a new address with a bigger space , renovated and gorgeously decorated to be now considered one of the biggest night club in North Africa.

Located in a great location right in the Middle of the most famous boulevard in Agadir "Boulevard Mohamed V", Naya Club is the trending place in Agadir currently.

Naya Club Agadir is a must visit place if you are a fan of nightclubs, it is well maintained, clean, and offers great service. The music there is good and the party ambiance is guaranteed.

NAYA club Agadir is mostly frequented by tourists and young locals who hit the dance floor till the sun comes up.

NAYA club Agadir entrance fee is around 300dh-500dh it depends on the season. The drinks are around 100dh (10€) and table(4 people) price starts at 1500dh (150€).

Papagayo Agadir

Address: Chemin des Dunes B.P. 901 Agadir, Morocco
Call: 0615-795596

Papagayo Agadir is one of the most known night clubs in Agadir. Well decorated and located at the Riu Tikida Beach Hotel, Papagayo Agadir has a large dance floor and talented DJs that usually play the best House and Techno music. The club also receives international stars and famous DJs which is a plus.

This place is usually frequented by young locals and tourists.

Papagayo Agadir entrance fee is around 200dh (20€), drinks 100dh (10€) and bottles are around 1500dh (150€)

Watch the video below to have an idea about the atmosphere in Papagayo.

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So Night lounge Agadir (Currently Closed)

Address: Baie des palmiers cité Founty P4 Agadir, Morocco
Call: 0661-186268

So Night Lounge is located in Sofitel Agadir Royalbay Resort. This club plays live music and is usually frequented by rich locals and also tourists.

This place serves nice french orientated food and all kinds of drinks. Hooka is also available.

It is a bit of a trek to get to So night Lounge but you will like this stylish nightclub.

The entrance fee is around 250dh (25€), drinks 100dh (10€) and bottles are around 1600dh (160€).

Take a look at this video to see the atmosphere in the So Night Lounge Agadir.

Actor's Famous Club Agadir (Currently under renovation)

Address: BD 20 AÔUT Hôtel Royal Atlas Agadir 80000, Morocco
Call: 05243-39999

This place was one of the best places to party in Agadir, but lately, the service and the facility are not as

I still like this place because the DJs here are very talented, and they always set the dance floor on fire.

I only go to this place for good music. I think they need to put some work to improve their service and keep the whole place clean to meet the visitors' expectations.

The entrance fee is around 250dh (25€), drinks 100dh (10€) and bottles are around 1200dh (160€).


Alcohol in nightclubs in Agadir

Like in every nightclub in the world, nightclubs in Agadir serve all kinds of alcohol, Beer actually is the most popular drink in here, but you can find the drink of your choice in every bar or nightclub in Agadir.

Agadir is a conservative city but there are no strict rules on consuming alcohol in bars and nightclubs in Agadir. You won’t have a hard time finding your favorite drink in any bar or nightclub you head to. 

Agadir nightlife

How much does a night out cost in Agadir?

The entrance fee depends actually on the season, nightclubs in Agadir get very crowded during summer whereas there is not much activity going on there at other times of the year.

The price also depends on what kind of show the club is offering that night. If it’s a normal night they might ask you to pay the normal price of a ticket or they might even let you in for free, you will just need to pay for the drinks. But if they are bringing a famous band or a famous Dj to perform in the nightclub the price of the ticket will be more than usual.

The price also depends on the guys standing at the doors of the nightclub. Sometimes they insist that you should buy the tickets in order to get in, other times you can just hand them a tip and enter.

The drinks actually are a little bit expensive in these nightclubs I’m listing for you. To have a beer or a glass of wine you will have to pay between 80dh and 150dh, it depends on the drink you choose.

In my opinion, these are the top places to party in Agadir. The reasons that made them stand out over the others are:

The fact that they are modern and have an international clientèle.
Their location; These nightclubs are located in the touristic zone which is 100% safe for tourists. So if you want to go on foot from your hotel to any of these nightclubs there will be no problem. The staff there is very helpful.
And the important thing is that they frequently bring international artists and overseas DJs who set the whole place on fire.

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Finally, we'll end the night at a night club where we can watch a dancing show and enjoy drum music.

I'll make sure to help you with transportation back to your accommodation at the end of the night.

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