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Marouane Lamharzi Alaoui: America First Morocco Second

Marouane Lamharzi Alaoui

A Moroccan Youtuber and Public Figure called "Marouane Lamharzi Alaoui" made Morocco jump on the bandwagon with his hilarious video “America First Morocco Second”. Recently, a series of sarcastic videos made by TV shows from different European countries went viral on the internet.

The videos came as a reply to President Donald Trump’s statement “America first”. All narrators agreed that it would be America first, but each one of them gave arguments to convince the US president to make their country come as second.

The funny thing in the video is that the arguments are given in a way similar to the style the 45th US president delivers his controversial speeches.

The Moroccan version of this viral trend seems to be the best so far. It got more than a million views on YouTube, and it went viral like crazy on Facebook. The Moroccan narrator sounds exactly like Donald Trump, And the text was absolutely hilarious.


Some arguments in the video are actually true, like the fact that: Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States of America, back in 1777. But then, the fun begins when the narrator apologized on behalf of the Moroccan people, for the 12 million dollars offered by the Moroccan government to Hillary Clinton during her campaign, and said that the money was transferred to her by mistake. The money was actually intended for Hillary Duff instead. Hopefully Mr. Donald will believe that.

Sufi Islam

The best part of the video was when the narrator reassures Mr, Trump, by saying that the Moroccan people practice the best Islam, and it’s nothing similar to what he already knows about the religion. Meanwhile, the video shows a scene that looks like a rap battle from the movie 8 mile by Eminem.

The humor in the video is great, I think if ever Donald Trump got to see it, then it would definitely be: America first and Morocco second.

Watch America First Morocco Second by Marouane Lamharzi Alaoui

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