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The Best Gym In Agadir 2020 – Gyms In Agadir

GYM in agadir

Elide Fitness Club is the best gym in Agadir in 2020

People mostly visit Agadir to relax on the beach and enjoy the nice weather. But staying on the beach the whole day might be boring for the people that would like to stick to their routine of working out.

Agadir is sunny and warm all year long, which makes most people prefer to practice their favorite sports outdoors, like jogging on the seaside, playing Football on the beach, etc…

In this post, I want to help workout enthusiasts to train in the best gym in Agadir during their vacation in Morocco.

There are many fitness centers in the city that attract people to work out their muscles indoors. But the best one so far is Elide Fitness Club.

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Elide is a  modern fitness club that has been open for about 4 years. It is located in the tourist zone, and it is only a few minutes from the beach.

Elide Fitness Club is not only a place to grind and build muscles, but the club also offers wellness services, like Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Moroccan hammam to help its members enjoy some refreshing moments after a good workout.

Elide Fitness Club is a fully equipped place, open from 8 am until the last guy leaves (11 pm). It is a place where you can sweat, train like crazy,  and eventually, get yourself all refreshed and ready for a new day.

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In addition to varied planning of fitness classes, the club also provides boxing and MMA classes for adults and also kids. And the best thing is that Elide Fitness Club includes all its services at no extra charge to its Premium members.

In order to make the club accessible for all ages, kids also have their share of fitness and martial arts classes. The club offers dance, boxing and Muay Thai classes for kids between the age of 5-13.

The club has a great team of professional staff and trainers who are friendly and helpful. They keep the members cheerful and motivated all the time, which makes the club full of positive vibes.

Elide Fitness Club: The Best Gym In Agadir

Elide Fitness Club
Address: Ocean Atlantic View – Quartier Sonaba
Agadir, Morocco

The location of the club, top-quality equipment and the services it offers have helped the club attract some world-class athletes who come to Agadir to hold training camps.

Which gives the opportunity to Elide members to train with highly trained professionals.

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