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Buying A SIM Card In Morocco

Moroccan phone number

Making calls in Morocco with your home network can cost you a fortune, you might need to consider getting a Moroccan phone number.

A Moroccan phone number might be necessary during your stay in Morocco, so you can make local calls at a cheaper rate, and have 4G internet.

There three major phone operators in Morocco "IAM" "INWI" and "ORANGE" the three companies compete to offer the best deals and services at the best prices.

All of the three companies are reliable in Morocco.

Before you buy a Moroccan SIM card, it would be a better idea to ask the locals in the place you are staying in which company gets the best reception in that area.

This will save you a lot of headache

Where to buy a SIM Card in Morocco

If you are lucky enough you can get a Moroccan SIM card once you arrive in the airport.

Telecom companies send their agents to airports to give away SIM cards for free to tourists as a welcome gesture and also as a form of marketing.

If you weren’t lucky, just head to the nearest shop or phone repair shop you find to buy a Moroccan SIM card from the operator of your choice.

Or you can just pay attention in public places and see if there are any Moroccan SIM card vendors there. They usually wear colored vests and wander around offering people to buy their services.

No contract needed to buy a Moroccan SIM card from them you just need to provide your ID card or Passport.

They won’t ask you to sign anything they will just copy your name.

If you are going to move to Morocco and you want a phone number to be registered under your name then you will need to head to a phone operator agency to make a contract.

How much is a SIM Card in Morocco?

The price of a SIM card in Morocco is around 50dh wherever you buy it unless you wanted a custom number then the price will be higher.

All the major three operators offer cheap deals whether it's for making calls or internet. You can get about one hour credit for only 10dh. With the same price you can get 1Gb of data with decent internet speed.

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