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Can You Fly A Drone In Morocco 2022 – All You Need To Know


In many countries, the use of drones is controversial, and you cannot really tell if it’s going to be a problem to take your drone there or not, but in Morocco, the government made it clear in 2015 that it is illegal to fly a drone in Morocco without permission.

I’ve made many calls and did a lot of research but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any possible way that can allow you to bring your drone to Morocco and use it freely.

Is it illegal to fly a drone in Morocco?

However, flying a drone in Morocco is not completely illegal but there are many restrictions that complicate the process.

Before the year 2015 the use of drones in Morocco was not a problem but after some issues caused by amateurs and also professionals, and also because of the threat of using drones in favor of terrorist attacks. The Moroccan authorities have put high restrictions on the use of drones on the Moroccan territories due to security reasons.

Even Production companies are not able to use drones without prior permission from the government. Though the only legal way to use a drone on the Moroccan territories is to hire a local production company to take care of your drone footage.

The needed documents to fly a drone in Morocco legally:

“Autorisation du ministère de l’intérieur pour l’importation temporaire de drone”
“Autorisation de l’administration des douanes pour l’importation temporaire de drone”
“Autorisation de tournage du centre cinématographique Marocain”

Because legal drone use is too complicated many People fly drones for personal and professional reasons without the needed authorizations. But this makes them subjected to imprisonment and paying huge fines if they’re caught.

What will happen if you tried to get a drone into Morocco?

If it happens that you came to Morocco with a drone, all your bags are going to be scanned in the airport, and no matter how smart you tried to hide it. There are high chances that they will detect it and take it away from you, and you can only get it back when you’re leaving the country.

If you don’t provide the needed authorizations, your drone will be confiscated and there is no way around it.

When they take your drone, make sure you get a receipt that proves that your drone is confiscated in the airport. Keep that receipt in the safest place possible. On your way back you will be asked to show it, without it you will not be able to get your drone back.

If you have planned to leave the country from another city other than your arrival destination. Getting your drone back might be complicated.

For example; if your drone was confiscated in Marrakesh airport and you are leaving the country from Fez airport, how can you get your drone back?

If you have a friend leaving Morocco from your arrival airport, you can just hand them your receipt and they will get your drone back with no problem.

If this solution is not possible for you, you will need to take a local flight between your arrival and departure destination.

Let’s say you left your drone at Marrakesh airport, and you’re going to leave Morocco from Fez airport.

You will need to take a flight from Marrakesh to Fez. You will be able to get your drone back on the departure procedures at Marrakesh airport. And since you’re leaving the country from Fez, the airport authorities there won’t have to take your drone, but you will need to show them the documents that prove your drone was kept in the Marrakesh airport during your whole stay in Morocco, to avoid any sort of problem with the law.

drone in morocco

It’s very disappointing that you can’t freely take drone footage during your stay in Morocco. But hopefully, the drone rules will change very soon in Morocco.

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