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Where To Find Cheap Food In Marrakesh?


One of the best things about travel, is you get to try local food wherever you go. That way you get to know the culture better and faster. But sometimes trying a typical meal might get you uncomfortable or sick, that doesn't mean that the food you ate is unhealthy, it's just because it's new to you and you're not used to eating types of food like that. So wherever you go make sure you stay away from food that might give you a bad time during your travel.

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Marrakech has too many things to offer to its visitors, the atmosphere, the culture, the hassle, and the colors.  Everything in the red city will blow your mind.

When you're traveling on a budget, wherever you go you always want to spend less, the less you spend the more you enjoy your travel.

In this post, I will save you time and money, and I will show you where to find very cheap Moroccan food in Marrakech.

Marrakech is one of the cities that are budget travel-friendly. There are plenty of cheap places to stay everywhere in the city. And also a lot of places to eat at a good price. But what I am willing to tell you in this post is there are many local shops that offer delicious Moroccan food with almost a penny, and I'm going to show you where to find them.

Where to find cheap food in Marrakesh

Couscous and Tagine are the most popular Moroccan meals, you can find them everywhere in Marrakesh at reasonable prices. But if you're looking for meals under 1$ you need to head to the narrow alleys in the old medina, there you will find lines of small stores offering delicious cheap meals with less than a dollar. They serve sandwiches, grilled sardines, Moroccan Harira, plates of beans and lens and small tagines. Those places are usually crowded during lunchtime, with locals and visitors. Even if you're not willing to eat there you might enjoy visiting the narrow alleys of the old medina of Marrakesh. You will get a closer glimpse of the daily life of the red city.

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