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Domaine Villate Limoune: A Nice Retreat Near Agadir

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History of Domaine Villate Limoune

This area of 400 Hectares of land was at the time of colonization a forest of Argan trees. Until it was discovered in the 1950s by some French explorers, who then planted the land with orange trees and exploited it for commercial export.

The explorers lived there until the independence and built several homesteads that haven't undergone any modification and are today part of the tourist heritage of the Domain.

It was opened to the public in 2015 under the name "Domaine Villate Limoune".  The word Limoune in Moroccan Arabic means orange, that's why it was named  "Villate Limoune"

Domaine Villate Limoune now is known as a 400-hectare guest farm which is located 40 kilometers away from Agadir.  The place has an organic vegetable garden, a banana plantation, a space for wedding celebrations, a park for the children to play and even an animal park with more than 50 species of local and exotic animals like monkeys, ostriches, kangaroos, gazelles, parrots, deer, llamas...

Domaine Villate Limoune With its beautiful and well-maintained gardens is a very soothing and spotlessly clean place. It is a very recommended destination for nature lovers, this is a really great place to reconnect with mother nature while having a nice staff that offers great services to make sure you enjoy your stay.

Domaine Villate Limoune offers visitors the opportunity to stay in a nice range of apartments with super modern and very well equipped rooms or spend the whole day on-site, with meals included for a reasonable price.

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Activities in Domaine Villate Limoune

They offer a wide range of exciting actvities like bike rides, horseback trekking, camel trekking or hiking in the area. There is also a field for football lovers.

Here is a video that will take you for a virtual tour around the beautiful place of Domaine Villate Limoune:
Agadir, Domaine Villate Limoune

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