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Facts About Morocco The World Doesn’t Know

facts about morocco

In this post I have for you some amazing facts about the genuinely magical country of Morocco.

Located at the meeting point of North Africa and Europe and mixed through time with Roman, French, Amazigh, Arab, Spanish and many other cultures.

Morocco surprises us with an extremely rich cultural and historical heritage that honestly, no matter how many facts we include in this post they won't do justice to this beautiful country

8 facts about Morocco

Morocco is one of the most popular film settings in the world

If you're a game of Thrones fan then you have unknowingly been to the dazzling land, as most of the scenes in the continent of Essos and the constituent of Dorne were shot in Morocco. And even if you are not a fan of the most viewed show in history then you must have stumbled upon at least one of the many Hollywood movies, that were shot in Morocco like: Mission Impossible, Babel, Kingdom of Heaven, The Mummy Returns or simply one of the most highly rated movies of all time Casablanca.

Even Bollywood has come to realize the visual marvels that Morocco's natural landscape and archetype of Middle Eastern essence provide and is starting to follow suit.

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Morocco is technically part of both Africa and Europe

Although Morocco is part of Africa, its proximity to Europe makes the country technically part of both continents. Morocco lies only eight miles away from Europe across the strait of Gibraltar. Because of that geographical closeness you can sense European influence, specifically Spanish In certain areas such as tangier where a delusion culture ties both Moroccan and Spanish cultures very strongly.

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Moroccan tea is the country's national drink

Tea was introduced to Morocco in 1854 by British merchants, and since then it has captured the nation's taste.

Morocco has a rich culture

Morocco contains a stunning mixture of cultures, when you move from one area to another you might feel like you've passed into another country. For example; in the capital city Rabat you would feel like you're walking somewhere in France, then as you move to the north this French influence is replaced by an Andalusian spirit to the extent that most northern Moroccans speak Spanish.

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Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States of America

As the American Revolution began and the U.S merchant ships were getting attacked by pirates in the Atlantic, Sultan Muhammad the third announced in December of 1777 that any American merchant ship was under his protection. The Moroccan-American treaty of friendship signed in 1786 is today America's longest standing Treaty of Peace and Friendship.

"Mount Toubkal" near Marrakesh is the highest peak in North Africa

The Toubkal mountain peak in southwestern Morocco is the highest in the reach and to call is one of the most popular climbing destinations in the region. Located at a close distance from the city of Marrakesh standing 13,670 feet. It is the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, North Africa and the Arab world.

Morocco's has the oldest university in the world

The University of al-Qarawiyyin was found in the year 859 in Fez Morocco and is currently the oldest operating educational institution worldwide. This institution was a starting point for some of the greatest minds in human history, like the historian and philosopher Ibn Khaldun best known for his book the Muqaddimah which greatly influenced most of the later studies of sociology and history that followed it.

Morocco is currently ruled by one of the oldest ruling dynasties in the world

King Mohammed the sixth is the 23rd King from the house of Alaouite dynasty which came to rule Morocco in the year 1631 which claims decent from the islamic prophet "Muhammad" .

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These facts will help you have a better understanding about Morocco, so if somebody brought Morocco up to discussion, you already have some facts to say and brag about.


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