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Agadir Travel Guide – All You Need To know

Is Agadir Worth Visiting

Update: Currently there is a lot of construction going on in Agadir, the infrastructure of the whole city is being renovated, so if you want to visit Agadir in 2022, you should bear in mind that there will be a lot of traffic and the experience of going around will not be a pleasant one.

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Agadir has some long beautiful beaches, wonderful weather, good people and breathtaking sunsets.

Thanks to its tranquility and geographical diversity, Agadir attracts more than one million visitors every year, making it one of the major tourist destinations in Morocco.

In 1960, the whole city was destroyed by the biggest earthquake in the history of Morocco. This massive disaster made the city cut the link with its old history and wiped out the existence of historical monuments and old medinas in Agadir.

Agadir rose from the ashes, and now the city is all modern and is considered as the beach resort of Morocco. It is a small and calm city, and the hassle is not as intense as in major cities like Marrakesh, Fez, and Casablanca.

Is Agadir safe?

Agadir is super safe like all the other major tourist destinations in Morocco. it gets around 1,5 million visitors a year. Unsafe places don't receive these huge numbers of tourists.

The security services in Agadir are working hard to keep everybody safe. But It would be better to stay away from the non-touristy places during night time.

Why Travel To Agadir

Agadir Is A Cheap Holiday Destination.

You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a nice holiday in Agadir. You can book a good hotel room with the beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean at the price of 30$ to 50$ a night. And there are plenty of restaurants around the city where you can have affordable and delicious food.

To help you get around, the city is full of nice and clean buses that can take you anywhere in the Agadir region with only a few Dirhams. In case you want to get to someplace fast! Take a taxi, they are more reliable and their prices are reasonable.

If you're willing to travel on a budget to Agadir and your plan is to spend a whole week in there, I can tell you that 350$ will be more than enough.

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Agadir Beach Is A Wonderful Place

Well, Agadir beach is a good enough reason to convince you to visit Agadir.

Agadir has a beautiful golden 10 kilometers long beach and is surrounded by many other wonderful beaches. All are worth visiting.

Is Agadir Worth Visiting

Agadir Weather

Agadir is one of the cities that have the best weather in the whole world. The city is warm and sunny most of the year.

The temperature gets to its lowest during the months of December and January (8° Morning/night - 18° Afternoon)

and it gets to its hight degree during summertime (26° Morning/night - 30° Afternoon)

visit agadir


The people in Agadir are very friendly and welcoming. Wherever you go in the city you will be welcomed with sincere greetings and free mint teacups.

visit agadir

Breathtaking Sunsets

Agadir is one of the most recommended destinations to see the most beautiful sunsets in Morocco. The beautiful view of the sun beaming down on the Atlantic ocean will make you wish if the scene could last longer.

What to do in Agadir?

Wherever you go for a holiday, you always look for the best things to do to help you enjoy your time in that destination.

Agadir and its surroundings offer multiple amusing activities to help visitors enjoy their holidays the most.

Here is a list of the most interesting things to do in Agadir. 

Camel Riding

For the people who have never seen a camel before, let me tell you that there is plenty of them in Agadir, and riding them is so much fun. I strongly recommend it. You can have a ride along the golden beach of the city, in the desert or on the top of the famous mountain “Agadir Oufella” where you will be able to have a panoramic view of the whole city.

The prices of the camel rides are reasonable, they can last for one hour to three hours, it depends on the client, and the fun is absolutely guaranteed. Once you’re on the back of that adorable creature you will never want your ride to end.

Go For A Morning Bike Ride

The best way to start your day after a good night’s sleep is to go for an early morning bike ride along the Agadir bay area. If you do not have a bike! You can go to the Corniche of the city, and rent one only for three dollars an hour. You will find all sorts of bicycles there, choose one! get on it and start pedaling.  Nothing is more refreshing than feeling the breeze and the sunbeams penetrating your soul during a morning bike ride.


Who does not love jet ski rides, especially in Agadir where you have sun, splashes, and safety. Jet-Skiing is a preferred summertime leisure activity for Agadir beach lovers, everyone stands in line to wait for their turn to rock it on that fast watercraft.

If this water sport is not your thing, just the view of jet skis floating on the Atlantic ocean and the water glistening from the sun sparkles as if covered with diamonds is very satisfying.

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Buy  A Souvenir

Well, it’s axiomatic that wherever you go you pick something as a souvenir to remind you of your days in that place. The Souk and the shops all around the city are fully decorated with nice typical stuff, You might be too perplexed to choose only one.  buy some and make the shop clerk happy.

La Grande Roue

Well, Agadir also has its own great wheel. This might be a good idea if you want to capture the great view of Agadir from the top right in the middle of it.

Things To Do In Agadir

kart Racing

Try kart racing! it is so much fun. It is one of the most fun things to do in Agadir. There! you will find the best and coolest karting track in Morocco created and supervised by a team of enthusiasts and professionals of Kart racing, who are passionate to share the art of piloting with everyone. It is about 20 minutes from the city center by car. Go there and rock it.

Quad Biking

Get on a quad bike! start the engine and go ahead, there are plenty of wonderful landscapes in the region of Agadir. And the best way to discover them all is by quad biking. Don’t worry if you have never ridden a quad before, it’s very simple, your guide will help you learn instantly, in 10 minutes you’ll learn how to lift the front wheels. :D


To add a nice dose of adrenaline to your holidays in Agadir, you got to try surfing. There are many surf spots around Agadir. The most known ones are in  Taghazout and in Imseouan. Only a few kilometers north Agadir.

What to visit in Agadir

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is very recommended whilst visiting Agadir. This place will completely disconnect you from the city life. It is about one hour drive from Agadir city, once you get off the car you will have to take a 20 min walk to reach the valley. You’ll get the opportunity to see staggering natural landscapes on the stroll to the actual paradise valley.

The fun is guaranteed as you will need to go through the hills and even some venturing stones. Don’t forget to take your bikini/swimming shorts with you as the water is very inviting and most visitors can’t resist taking a dip in it.
Appropriate footwear, sun cream and a bottle of water are also recommended.

Croco Parc

This is a splendid place to visit and spend an afternoon in Agadir. The attraction is very clean, modern and well looked after. It is very easy to get to Croco Parc and their prices are fair and reasonable. Once you get there you will notice that the crocodiles themselves look happy and cared for. Children would absolutely love this place, do not hesitate to pay it a visit.

Agadir Oufella Kasbah

You cannot visit Agadir without visiting The Agadir Kasbah. It is a historical site that reminds the city of the terrible earthquake that took place in 1960 and destroyed the whole city of Agadir except for The Kasbah Wall and some buildings.

Make sure to drive up to the Kasbah. There is also a footpath if you want to get to the top on foot. The best time to be there is during sunset, so time it correctly and you will have the chance to see a magical view.  You can buy some souvenirs from local shops up there, and you can also take a camel ride.

Once the sky is dark don’t miss the wonderful view of the whole Agadir city when is lit up, it will take your breath.

Places visit agadir

Souk Alhad

Souk El Had is a must-see place. It is a maze of paths decorated by the local shops, it is just beautiful! Going through the intertwined alleys will give you pure joy.

The shops there sell everything you can think of from modern technology all the way to antique jewelry. So if you’re planning to take some Moroccan souvenirs back home with you! You better pack a punch in your wallet because there are a lot of typical pieces of art that are worth your money.

Once there you might be asked by local vendors to get in their shops but they wouldn’t be pushy if you decline.

You might need to try to haggle down the prices with the vendors because they might try to charge you more than the real worth of the things you want to buy.

Make sure you have some cash on you because no shop there accepts credit cards.

Try to spend at least one hour of your time to do justice to this place, you will have the chance to get an inside look at the local life of the Moroccan people.

If you needed to grab a bite, you'll find there some restaurants that make delicious Moroccan tagines with fair prices. And you can also try fresh fruits and all kinds of juices.

Vallee Des Oiseaux " Birds Valley

Vallee Des Oiseaux is really an interesting attraction. It is a sweet little zoo with a beautiful collection of birds and some other animals too. The entrance is free and it’s only a few meters from the beach.

The place contains nice fountains and an artificial waterfall, and few other great views for picture opportunities. There is also a play area for children, Your kids won’t get bored there.

Atlantica Parc

This is one of the best places to spend a sunny day with your kids in Agadir city. This water park is more targeted for children, but there are also some water slides that adults can use.

The staff there is good and the entertainment team always gets everyone dancing, whether it be in the pool or on the side dance floor area. You will spend a good day for sure in Atlantica Park.

Agadir Fishing Port

This is a great place for lunch or dinner. If you like eating fish, this is the best place to be. The food is fresh and delicious, sometimes expensive but! remember to always negotiate the prices.

The atmosphere there is truly local, It is a place full of traditional restaurants full of tables and benches, no table cloth, no forks, only paper napkins. Once the food is served you eat with your fingers and lick them clean. You will enjoy your moments in there for sure.


This place is magical you will never get enough of it. It is a beautiful colorful small town that will give your soul and body a premium quality dose of peace and serenity.

The beach, the sunset, the waves… Everything in this town is beyond expectations. Do yourself a favor and visit this place, you won’t regret it. Pinky promise!

Aourir Banana Village

This place is recommended for people who would prefer a quieter place, away from the cosmopolitan Agadir. Banana beach is mostly frequented by hippies and surf lovers. People usually go there, make bonfires and play guitar or some other instruments and dance on the beach.

Marina Agadir

It is a nice place to walk and explore, there are many spots where you can have a coffee and enjoy the view. The place is surrounded by shops where you can buy interesting items and restaurants where you can have a meal and enjoy the view.

Agadir travel guide: agadir marina
Sipping a cup of coffee in Marina Agadir

When to Visit Agadir?

The best time to visit Agadir is anytime during the months of September and May. The weather is nice, It doesn't get too cold nor too hot. The city is calm and peaceful. You would spend a nice holiday in Agadir during these times of the year

How is Agadir like in summer

If you really want to enjoy your holidays in Agadir in peace and tranquility, you might consider avoiding visiting it in summer.

During summer Agadir gets very crowded with visitors from all over the world.
If you're planning to visit Agadir in summer, here is a list of what to expect:

A Very Crowded Beach: Agadir receives tens of thousands of visitors during summer, from all around Morocco and the world. And most of them came to the city to sunbathe on the beach.

The beach itself is a happy place, but the large groups of people make it look very busy in a messy way. Here is a video to show you exactly what it looks like.

Too much traffic in summer: If you’re planning to go around the city by car during summer, that might not be a good idea. Compared to big cities in Morocco, like Casablanca or Marrakech, Agadir is too small. The roads are not big enough to take the big amount of vehicles that come to the city during summertime.

Sometimes it may take you half an hour to go from the city center to the beach by car, while it will take only 20 min if you went on foot.

Agadir is really worth it a visit, you will need at least two days to do justice to this beautiful destination.

This post is intended to provide travelers with all the details they need to know before visiting Agadir and to help them have a better understanding of the local culture of this part of Morocco.

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