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Jazzawiya Agadir: An Underground Cave of Art


Morocco is musically very rich, every part of the country has its unique type of music, in which its locals express themselves.

The variety of musical instruments in Morocco reflects the richness of the Moroccan musical culture. It is clearly noticed wherever you go in the country.

Since most of its inhabitants are Amazigh, Agadir is very known by Amazigh music. But the people here are open to all kinds of music, and that’s mainly demonstrated in a special place called "Jazzawiya".

If you can play any type of musical instruments! and you’re a big fan of jamming and playing music, together with other artists from different musical backgrounds.

Or you are just a fan of music and you enjoy spending time watching talented artists, Jazzawiya is the best place to be if you visited Agadir.

Jazzawiya is such a magical place. The fact that it is decorated with typical Moroccan rugs, antique musical instruments, and beautifully drawn portraits. It makes you feel like you are in a cave of art.

Where is Jazzawia?

It would be a great idea if you added Jazzawiya to your “to visit list”. It is located in the center of Agadir, in “L’battoir, Bloc 4″ to be exact. 

Visiting this place will give you the chance to meet extraordinary artists, that will introduce you to different types of art that you didn’t even know existed.

What is Jazzawiya

Jazzawiya is mainly a place where local artists, whether amateur or pro, meet to share thoughts and ideas, to enrich each other’s experience. “Abderraouf Sidin” the founder and the owner of Jazzawiya, and his team have always been opening their doors to local young talents, to express themselves and learn from experienced artists.

The Jazzawiya team occasionaly organizes concerts to encourage new artists  to show their talents to the local audience. Sometimes international artists are invited to perform, and also to give advice to the local newbies.

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