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Legzira Beach’s Beautiful Arch Collapses 


It is A Sad Day For Legzira Beach Lovers

It  has always stood there, beautifully decorating Legzira beach. Drawing a painting which too many of us used as a background picture for their photos.

Every one of us wanted to visit it one day. But we never expected it to collapse and leave us all of a sudden like that.

It is really a very sad day for beach lovers all around Morocco and the world. We have just lost a one of kind natural monument, an amazing beach landscape that has always made us gaze and comptemplate its greatness whenever we laid eyes on it.

We lost the Red Arch that made Legzira beach famous all around the world. It fell to pieces… and we lost it forever.

Lgzira collapse
Lgzira's Rock archway collapsed into a pile of red rubble.

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