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Moroccan souks: The Best Places To Get Lost

Moroccan souks spices
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Moroccan souks Wonderful Labyrinths

The Moroccan souks are undoubtedly the most attractive, they are usually located in the old Medina of each city. The stalls and traditional shops line both sides of the narrow streets, which cross each other to create a beautiful kind of labyrinth. Therefore you have to walk calmly trying to be clear about the way that each one is making. But  as long as you do not get away from the most frequented areas you will hardly get lost. The souks of Morocco are usually divided to separate areas. And every area is dedicated to a certain commercial activity. For example you will find a space dedicated to the food market, a street for fabric and Moroccan carpets sellers, another for the jewelry stores and so on. While you walk through the souk, you will have the chance to enjoy the smells of those colorful spices that aromatise the narrow alleys, listen to the call to prayer, try some typical Moroccan food, touch those handmade fabrics, pose and take photos next to those ancient decorated doors. It will be a pleasurable experience. Related: Chefchaouen The Blue Pearl Of Morocco

Negotiate The Prices

Shopping in the Moroccan souks requires some real price negotiation skills. The prices are at first absurdly high, you will have to spend a while to haggle over the price of the item you want to buy. Negotiating the prices is actually part of the Moroccan culture. It is a normal habit for the Moroccan people. You just need to be a little patient and give a reasonable price that you think that item might cost which is usually the half of what the seller will ask you to pay. The souks of Morocco are enormous you will not get enough of  surprises, and just when you think it can not be nicer, you go around the corner and see all kinds of colorful peculiarities.  
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