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How To Get To And From Morocco’s Airports


So you finally arrived at one of Morocco's airports, and you need a taxi to get you to your hotel or the place you're planning to stay in. Do not worry, you will find a long line of taxis in front of the doors of every airport in Morocco to take you wherever you want.

The ride from the airport to the center of the city will cost you between 100dh to 300dh, it depends on the city you're in and how far is the airport from it.

There are many ways to get from the airport to the center of any city in Morocco, like trains and buses. But I can tell you that taking a taxi is the most reliable way.

How to get into town from Casablanca's Airport?

In Casablanca airport, there is a train every hour starting from 5 am until midnight. It can take you from the airport to further destinations within the city with a price of 43dh. The train runs late sometimes, but overall it is reliable. But if you arrived at the airport after midnight then taxis are the only way available to get to your destination. Taxi drivers charge 300dh for the ride.

How to get into town from Marrakech's Menara Airport

In Marrakech airport, there is a bus stop 500 meters away from the gate of the airport. Bus N° 19 by "Alsa" company is available every 30 min and can take you to the main places in the city with a price of 4dh. The inconvenient thing is that it might take a long time to get you to your destination. And that might not be a great option after a tiring flight, especially if you have heavy luggage. A taxi can take you anywhere you want in Marrakesh with 150dh / 200dh.

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How to get into town from Agadir's Al Massira Airport

Taxis are the only transport available to take you from Agadir "Al Massira" airport to the place you're going to stay in. A taxi can take you to any hotel in Agadir with a price of 200dh. The number of passengers should not be more than four since that's the number taxis are allowed to take in Agadir airport.

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How to get into town from Fez'z Airport

In Fez Bus number 16 can take you to the center of Fez with only 4 dirhams and the whole ride takes about 40 min. To get to the bus stop just follow the road signs outside the airport. For a quicker and comfortable way, you can take a taxi. The usual price of the ride is 150dh.

You might need to confirm the price with the driver before you get in the cab because sometimes taxi drivers ask for more.

Taxis in Morocco: Types, colors & prices

There are two types of taxis in Morocco, big taxis and small taxis. Big ones can take up to six people at once, while small ones can only take three.

Big taxis can take long rides outside the city, and can also take passengers for rides to other different cities, while small taxis can only circulate inside the city area.

The color of taxis in Morocco differs from a city to one other, but it's not a thing to worry about. You can easily distinguish a taxi wherever you go in Morocco.

Now let's say you're in your hotel and you want to go to the Souk or you want to go see one of Morocco's beautiful monuments, and you're wondering how much the taxi ride will cost you.

Well, if your destination is somewhere inside the city a small taxi will do, but if your destination is a little bit far or outside the city, a big taxi is what you need to get there.

If you took a small taxi, you do not have to haggle about the price no matter how short or long your ride is. All small taxis in Morocco use meters, so you will pay what your ride really costs.

In some cities in Morocco, small ones in particular; like Essaouira, Ouarzazate, and Chefchaouen... Small taxis do not use meters, they charge fixed prices instead. For instance, in Ouarzazate, if you want to go from place A to place B you will pay only 5dh. Unless your ride is very long then the driver might charge you more.

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On the other hand, if your destination requires a big taxi, then you need to haggle about the price because big taxis in Morocco do not use counters.

Before you take a ride on any type of taxis in Morocco, make sure you have some cash on you. Because Moroccan taxi drivers get paid by cash only. They do not accept any kind of other payment.

Some of the taxis in Morocco are not well maintained and not comfortable, to be honest. So if you are going for a long ride, you should choose a well-maintained taxi for you not to have a hard time in it.

Is there Uber in Morocco?

Uber first started in Morocco back in 2015 in Casablanca but it didn't have much success. Because it faced opposition from local taxi groups who claimed that the company’s operations undercut their business. And also because Morocco's regulatory framework only recognizes taxis under registered associations. Due to these reasons, Uber suspended its activity in Morocco in 2018.
You will notice that most of the big taxis in Morocco are Mercedes cars. The giant car brand acknowledged that and made a video about it, check it out:
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