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Visit Paradise Valley Agadir 2022

How to get to paradise valley

Paradise Valley Agadir is definitely a place you should visit. It is called Paradise Valley because it really is. It is one of the places that you can read about in articles, see a lot of photos of but you will never realize how magical it is until you are there. You will never want to disconnect with the calm and serenity it gives your soul.

Paradise Valley is an oasis in the middle of the Atlas mountains near Agadir, it has fresh natural pools surrounded by thousands of palm trees. It is the perfect place to connect with mother nature and spend a nice day trip.

How to get to Paradise Valley Agadir

Rent a car

If you are a group of three or four people, it would be a better idea to rent a car for this day trip, since you can rent a decent car with almost the same price of a one-way taxi ride.

The way to Paradise Valley is no secret you can follow the signs on the road or you can just follow the map on your phone.

Tour to Paradise valley

If you don't like exploring new places on your own, going to paradise valley with a tour guide might be your best choice. The tour will take care of all the details of the day trip. You can book a tour online or ask your hotel staff. Every hotel in the Agadir region offers tours to the valley at reasonable prices.

Public transport

Blending in with the locals and exploring the valley on your own will be an enjoyable experience. If you want to go to Paradise Valley with the ways that are available. And by this, I mean public transport you can continue reading this post.

Unfortunately, there are no direct public transport lines from Agadir to Paradise Valley. But it is possible to ask a Taxi to take you there on a nonstop ride. You will need to negotiate the price with the taxi driver. Since there are no fixed prices for this kind of rides, it just depends on the driver and the haggling skills of the passenger. If you want to to the valley from Agadir the price should be no more than 250dh for the ride not per person. If you got it with less it's a good deal.

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If you are in Agadir, to get to Paradise Valley you will need to head first to a small town called "Aourir", there you will find taxis and Vans that will take you directly to Paradise Valley.

By bus:

To go from Agadir to Aourir you should first head to a place called "Batoire", it's a famous place in Agadir. Whoever you asked can give you directions to it. It is the chaotic square where Taxis and buses wait in line to receive passengers.

The bus that takes from Agadir to Aourir is bus number 31 with only 5.5dh. If you missed this one there is also number 33 with a price of 7.5dh.

The price difference is because the last's last stop is not Aourir. Bus N° 33 proceeds also to Taghazout and further north. So make sure you ask the bus driver to drop you in Aourir or pay attention to the signs on the way.

By taxi:

In every city in Morocco, there are grand taxis and also small taxis. Small ones can take you wherever you want inside the city and don't have the right to take passengers outside the city borders. Whereas grand taxis can take passengers for long rides outside the city area.

In this case, you will need to take a grand taxi (white color). So when you head to the "Batoire square" look for the sign that says Agadir to Aourir. If you couldn't find it just ask someone. The ride takes about 15 min and the price is no more than 7dh.

Once you are in Aourir, you will find taxis and vans (usually old ones) waiting to complete the number needed of people to start the ride. For taxis, it's 6 people and for vans, it might be 12 it might be more :D.

None of these two ways are comfortable, to be honest. You can pay for two seats to have enough space for you inside the car during the ride. The price of the ride is 20 to 50dh per person, it depends on the season.

Welcome to Paradise Valley

The car will stop next to a small sign that reads "Welcome To Paradise Valley" in a small parking lot. Congratulations you made it. Then you will have to walk for about 20 min to reach the main spot or the first natural pool.

The first spot is beautiful, it is surrounded by local restaurants that offer Moroccan tagines and drinks. The water is fresh and very inviting and also it's a great place for cliff jumping lovers. But as this spot is easy to get to, it's usually crowded and noisy.

It's better to go a little bit further for about another 20 min. There is another stunning natural pool with less noise and higher cliffs to jump from.

I personally prefer this spot to the first one. When I go to the valley I usually go there and watch locals and tourists jump off those high cliffs, it's really entertaining to see.

For the way back you need to head back to the small parking in the entrance of the valley. There you find taxis or vans that will take back to Aourir.

paradise valley Agadir Morocco

Paradise Valley FAQ

Is Paradise Valley Morocco worth visiting?

Yes, it is absolutely a must-see place you won't regret it :)

What to do in Paradise valley Agadir?

You can chill and relax under the sun.
Take a swim in the fresh natural pools.
If you are an adventurous person you can try jumping off some cliffs.
The pools are full of river fish, maybe you can try to catch one. :D
Go and explore around the valley, the view from above is amazing.
Try Moroccan food in the stalls that surround the valley.

What is the best time to visit Paradise Valley Morocco?

The best time to visit the valley is during the months of October till May, as the pools are fully filled and the quality of water is great.
If you want to explore the valley and enjoy its peacefulness, you might need to avoid going there during the weekends. The valley on the weekends is still beautiful but it gets very crowded and noisy.
During summer the pools partially run dry, and the valley gets very crowded with hundreds of visitors. If you really want to enjoy Paradise valley you might consider going there some time other than summer.

Is it safe for women to go to Paradise Valley Agadir?

Yes, Paradise Valley is safe and it receives visitors from Morocco and from all over the world on a daily basis.

Is there where to eat in Paradise Valley Agadir?

Yes, the valley is full of traditionally made restaurants, that serve mainly Moroccan tagines, fresh orange juice and soda drinks with reasonable prices.

How much time does it take to go from Agadir to Paradise Valley?

The distance from Agadir to Paradise Valley is about 35 km and the whole ride takes about mostly one hour.

How to go to Paradise Valley from Taghazout?

There are no direct lines from Taghazout to paradise valley, you need to go to Aourir. Then take a taxi to Paradise Valley.
You can go from Taghazout to Aourir by bus or taxi with only 5dh. And the ride takes around 20 min.
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