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Surf Academy Agadir 2020: The Best Place To Learn How To Surf In Agadir

I have always adored the wonderful sport of surfing. I usually head over to Taghazout or Isouane, a few kilometers north Agadir, to enjoy watching talented surfers riding giant waves. The show is always spectacular, and every time I am amazed. I actually go there for the show. But also because I am a big fan of the surfing lifestyle, which is based on an absolute commitment to the ocean and living life to the fullest. The energy and the discipline the surfers have, and their great ability to surf big waves, can only make you respect their style of living. Whenever I see those surfers in the water, always a question pops up in my mind. Why not me? I have always wanted to learn how to surf. I don’t know why, but I have never given myself the chance to do so. Maybe because there was nowhere to learn the basics of surfing near where I live. Or maybe because I never had the chance to have somebody, as my mentor to guide me through the learning process. Learning how to surf, is no longer a problem Now, thanks to Surf Academy Agadir. Learning how to surf is no longer a problem. Surf Academy Agadir was founded last year by the Moroccan world Bodyboard champion Brahim Iddouch. One of the best Moroccan athletes. He has participated in the world Bodyboard championship several times. And he made Agadir and Morocco proud every time. Last weekend I decided to pay a visit to Surf Academy Agadir, to try surfing for the first time. And it was the best decision I made this month. The staff is very welcoming and obliging. They seem to love what they are doing very much. You can feel their energy and how much they are passionate  about surfing. Related Posts: The best 5 Star hotels in Agadir Morocco My First Surfing Experience Once you enter the water with your surfboard, you immediately feel spiritually connected, as if surfing is no longer just a sport for you. Your whole focus then, is on getting the next wave. There it comes! You try to stand on the surfboard then you slip and fall. You go in the waters again and start looking for the next wave. That’s the fun thing about learning how to surf.

Surf Academy Agadir, A Place Of Pure Joy

Surf Academy Agadir is a very much recommended place. For beginners and also for pros, for children and adults. A well equipped place, managed by a team, which is obliging and passionate about surfing. You will love this place. No worries at all, if you have never been on a surfboard before. I can guarantee that after only one class in this place you will learn how to stand on your surfboard.  I have never surfed before, last week I tried surfing for the first time and it was a lot of fun. Now I have even decided to make surfing a weekly routine, thanks to the guys in surf academy Agadir.
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