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Can You Fly A Drone In Morocco 2022 – All You Need To Know

In many countries, the use of drones is controversial, and you cannot really tell if it’s going to be a problem to take your drone there or not, but in Morocco, the government made it clear in 2015 that it is illegal to fly a drone in Morocco without permission. I’ve made many calls and […]

Agadir Nightlife: The Best Nightclubs In Agadir 2022

night clubs in agadir

Update: Due to the pandemic Effects, many of the nightclubs in Agadir went out pf business or still not reopened yet. If you want to see what the Agadir nightlife is like, this post is for you. I’m listing for you the best night clubs in Agadir where you will find good music, good drinks, […]

Surf Academy Agadir 2020: The Best Place To Learn How To Surf In Agadir

I have always adored the wonderful sport of surfing. I usually head over to Taghazout or Isouane, a few kilometers north Agadir, to enjoy watching talented surfers riding giant waves. The show is always spectacular, and every time I am amazed. I actually go there for the show. But also because I am a big fan of the surfing lifestyle, […]

The Best Gym In Agadir 2020 – Gyms In Agadir

GYM in agadir

Elide Fitness Club is the best gym in Agadir in 2020 People mostly visit Agadir to relax on the beach and enjoy the nice weather. But staying on the beach the whole day might be boring for the people that would like to stick to their routine of working out. Agadir is sunny and warm […]

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