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A Complete Guide To Living In Morocco 2022

living in morooco moving to morocco

Morocco has always been a major tourist attraction for decades. The country attracts millions of visitors from all over the globe every year. Recently and thanks to the growth that Morocco is witnessing, an unprecedented number of people come to Morocco not only for the purpose of tourism but also for settling down in this […]

Tipping in Morocco: How Much Should I give?

Tipping in morocco

Tipping might be considered rude or offensive in some cultures but tipping in Morocco is regarded as a generous and appreciated gesture. In fact, not tipping is considered offensive sometimes in Morocco. There is no rule that obliges people to tip in Morocco, and nobody should force you to do so. It’s just a generous […]

The Art Of Haggling in Morocco

haggling in morocco

I have learned from a young age that haggling is an important part of daily life in Morocco. My family used to send me to buy stuff and they always insisted that I have to haggle down the price no matter what I was sent to buy. I have to confess that as a kid, […]

Buying A SIM Card In Morocco

Moroccan phone number

Making calls in Morocco with your home network can cost you a fortune, you might need to consider getting a Moroccan phone number. A Moroccan phone number might be necessary during your stay in Morocco, so you can make local calls at a cheaper rate, and have 4G internet. There three major phone operators in […]

Facts About Morocco The World Doesn’t Know

facts about morocco

In this post I have for you some amazing facts about the genuinely magical country of Morocco. Located at the meeting point of North Africa and Europe and mixed through time with Roman, French, Amazigh, Arab, Spanish and many other cultures. Morocco surprises us with an extremely rich cultural and historical heritage that honestly, no matter […]

How To Get To And From Morocco’s Airports


So you finally arrived at one of Morocco’s airports, and you need a taxi to get you to your hotel or the place you’re planning to stay in. Do not worry, you will find a long line of taxis in front of the doors of every airport in Morocco to take you wherever you want. […]

Moroccan souks: The Best Places To Get Lost

Moroccan souks spices

Moroccan souks Wonderful Labyrinths The Moroccan souks are undoubtedly the most attractive, they are usually located in the old Medina of each city. The stalls and traditional shops line both sides of the narrow streets, which cross each other to create a beautiful kind of labyrinth. Therefore you have to walk calmly trying to be […]

10 Famous Movies You Didn’t Know Were Shot In Morocco

Movies shot in Morocco

The Moroccan territory has been a movie set for many famous hollywood films, take a look a these trailers of the most famous movies shot in Morocco in the last twenty years. 1. Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott, starred Russell Crowe 2000   2. Black Hawk Down, directed by Ridley Scott 2001 3. The Mummy Returns, directed by Stephen Sommers, starred Brendan Fraser 2001 4. Kingdom […]

The Most Beautiful Moroccan Monuments

Morocco has a large number of ancient monuments, some of them are very known and others are not. But each and every monument has an amazing story. Along the Islamic history of Morocco, many Sultans have taken turns at ruling the country. Every one of them wanted to leave a landmark to show the greatness […]

Jazzawiya Agadir: An Underground Cave of Art

Morocco is musically very rich, every part of the country has its unique type of music, in which its locals express themselves. The variety of musical instruments in Morocco reflects the richness of the Moroccan musical culture. It is clearly noticed wherever you go in the country. Since most of its inhabitants are Amazigh, Agadir […]

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